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Wave Fixation Surf Wear: We marvel at the alliance between surf and surfer. Both depict might and grace in fluid interaction. A immix of rivalry we aim to depict with each design.

God Fixation Faith Wear: We display art enriched by God’s Word meant purely to ignite hope and faith. A prophetically accurate and undeniable “Message of Love and Redemption” lived out through the sacrificial work of God’s only begotten Son, JESUS. Shout and share it until the whole world hears it!

Avid Rival Sports Ware: Active wear line for the sport minded. 

Righteous Graffiti: A collection of random designs.

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  • FREIGHT DISCOUNTS: Orders of 5 or more items delivered within the Continental US ship Free. Orders exceeding 75 or more will ship at discounted rates (call or email for quote).
  • 5-10 items = 5% discount at checkout.
  • 11-25 items = 8% discount at checkout.
  • 26 + items = 12% discount at checkout.
  • For orders 75 or greater, or Business to Business, please send details to: or call us at 657-232-1268.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some clothing styles or colors shown for display may no longer be available. However, we will do our best to supply like fabric quality and style.