Faith Wear

Makes Sense To Me!

Most of us choose what we wear based on comfort and looks, and we agree. However, if you’re like me, and have something to say that doesn’t always get said – you go for a shirt that displays what otherwise may never be heard.

And if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ – The Savior of The World – you got something to say! So, I say, let’s say it on a shirt, that way a lot more people get the message. And who knows, maybe someone will ask you “why you believe” or “who is this Jesus?” And – boom! The door opens and you get to say “Jesus loves you man” and let me help you see why!

And praise the Lord you’re right in the middle of that Holy Spirit moment you’ve been praying for. And you get to clear up and resolve what the world contenues to confuse.

So, knowing the Word of God can transform even the hardest of hearts we fashion our designs to impact as many of those hearts as we can. We do so with passion, expecting to ignite within others the same faith and ambition to share God’s Message with those who otherwise might never be exposed to so great a salvation.